Thursday 8 November 2018

Shale Gas?!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!!!!!!!

Why are energy companies interested in shale gas? It's yesterday's fuel. Today's and tomorrow's fuels should be renewable not finite.

Government launches shale gas consultation
The government has launched a consultation that asks whether local communities must be consulted on shale gas proposals in England before submitting a planning application.
The consultation seeks views on whether or not developers need to publish any information that is needed.
The developers must engage with local communities and stakeholders, and listen to residents’ opinions, which would then be addressed before final proposals are submitted to local authorities.
The government believes this consultation will speed up the decision making process, which could lead to fewer delays when it comes to planning applications.
The deadline for this consultation is Monday 7 January 2019. It can be found here on the government website.
Prithvi Pandyam, 31 October 2018

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