Saturday 8 March 2014

Easier Neighbourhood Planning.......?

In an interesting article (see below), we learn that neighbourhood planning permission could become much easier.

Planning Minister Nick Boles has told Parliament that the Coalition is keen to develop a neighbourhood planning regime tailored - and more suitable - for smaller than average communities.

His comments came during oral questions in the Commons to Department for Communities and Local Government ministers on 3 March.

He said: “We have, I think, now reached the point where there has been enough experience of neighbourhood planning with enough different kinds of communities for us to learn lessons and to ask whether there is not a version of neighbourhood planning that might be more easily accessible and quicker for some communities.

“We are doing that work, and we are very keen to hear from any MPs and communities with their thoughts on how we can achieve that.”

Earlier he told MPs: “Neighbourhood planning is proving to be one of the Government’s most popular reforms.

“Nearly 1,000 communities across England are working on neighbourhood plans, and all eight of the plans to go to referendum thus far have commanded popular support.”

Roger Milne

Of course it is early days, but we wait and see what changes this might bring.

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