Thursday 20 February 2014

New BBC series - Permission Impossible: Britain’s Planners

See below from the Planning Portal:

Planning back on prime-time TV
The ground-breaking television programme Planners is back next week for a second series with a new title and a new slot on BBC Two.

Permission Impossible: Britain’s Planners will return on Tuesday 25 February 2014 at 7pm on BBC Two. The eight-part series will transmit daily from Tuesdays to Fridays, over two weeks.

The programme makers have promised to carry on lifting the lid on the decisions behind planning approvals and refusals.

“We’ll reveal the secrets of the planners; the misconceptions of homeowners and we’ll expose those with a blatant disregard for planning regulations. We’ll show the lengths homeowners will go to protect their properties from disputes with developers intent on building large-scale housing developments to clashes even closer to home - neighbour against neighbour fighting it out over extensions, conversions, and garden erections.

“Every planning battle creates fierce argument on both sides. But there can only be one winner,” say the production team.

Over the first three nights the series will focus on Redrow’s plans for 1,500 homes at Ellesmere Port, a builders’ yard extension, the fight to save a Grade ll listed building and a race against time to extend a Turkish restaurant.

Other highlights will include a tussle between a newly located mansion house and a tree house and a pair of naturists who hope their outdoor pursuits will see off plans for a big house next door.

Roger Milne

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