Monday 16 September 2013

Annexes are not just for the elderly

When you say annexe, you immediately think of a small and often single storey dwelling that is like a small flat in which a parent or grand-parent lives. It gives the occupant some private space whilst also being looked after by their children and grand children. This is often still the case and is a good thing as it means families look after each other and we all know that much can be learned from our parents and grand-parents as they have a wealth of experience to pass on.

However, properties that have a ready built annexe are few and far between, and those houses that do have annexes sell for a premium. So, what's the answer?

Well, if you are wondering or have thought about looking after an elderly relative the answer could be to simply convert a garage, stables or barn in to an annexe. Or alternatively, build an extension to be used an annexe.

But that is not the whole story and an annexe does not have to be for an elderly relative; it could be for your children.

With house prices far outstripping earnings, it has become very difficult for younger adults to get a foot on the property ladder and the answer could be to build an annexe for them. We have recently been involved in designing annexes for client's children. For example; converting a large detached double garage in living space below and sleeping accommodation above, or converting other outbuildings such as stables/a barn into modern and stylish living space for a young adult or couple.

Whatever the reason for building an annexe, it may just make your house that extra bit appealing to buyers and increase the value by far more than a conventional extension

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